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Brand History
of Guardian Hunting

Our story began in 2014, when my hunting buddy (Brian) and I (Gary) were frustrated by the problem of losing our tags on our harvested animals. We had spent hours tracking and hunting our game, only to have our paper tags fall off or get ruined by the weather. We knew we were not alone in this dilemma, as many states had switched to the printing of licenses and tags from a website, making them less durable and reliable. We decided to take matters into our own hands and create a solution that would work for all hunters in all states. That's how the Tag Guardian was born.

The Tag Guardian is a waterproof vinyl holder that protects your tag from the elements and secures it to your animal with a zip tie. It's simple, easy to use, and effective. You just print your tag, fold it, and insert it into the holder. Then you attach the holder to your animal with the zip tie, and you're done. No more worrying about losing or damaging your tag. The Tag Guardian works for any type of tag and any type of game, from deer to elk to bear. It's the ultimate tag solution for hunters. Our License Guardian works in a similar way for hunting licenses.

We were so proud of our invention that we shared it with our friends, who loved it and asked us to make some for them. We realized that we had a potential business opportunity, and that we could help more hunters with other problems they faced. We started Guardian Hunting (, a company dedicated to solving hunting problems with innovative products. We expanded our product line by researching and developing other products that would protect your equipment and enhance your hunting experience.

We are Guardian Hunting, and we are here to help you hunt better. Thanks for visiting our website at

Check out our products.

We guarantee you won't regret it.


Happy hunting!


Some Products We've Created

Cam Guardian and Cam Guardian Maxx: A steel band and lock system that prevents your trail camera from being stolen or tampered with. You just wrap the band around the tree and secure it with the locking mechanism. The 48" long band is adjustable and fits trees up to 15" in diameter. The lock is tamperproof and comes with two keys. The Cam Guardian also protects your camera from damage by animals or weather. It's the ultimate security system for your trail camera.


Deer Kill Kit: A handy pack of essential items for to take with you. The kit is compact and lightweight, and fits easily in your backpack. The kit has what you need to get your deer hunt off to a good start. It's the ultimate field essentials kit for deer hunters.

Broadhead CaseA waterproof case that keeps your broadheads sharp and safe. The case has a foam insert that holds up to 12 broadheads of any size and shape. The case is durable and shockproof, and has a snap closure and a handle. The case prevents your broadheads from getting dull, rusty, or damaged. It's the ultimate storage case for your broadheads.


Deer Gutting Gloves, COMBO-pack: Six pair of gloves that protect your hands and arms from blood and bacteria. The gloves are disposable and come in a 2-style pack: 3 long gutting gloves sets and 3 nitrile gloves sets to be worn together. The gloves are made of latex and have a textured surface for better grip. They prevent your hands from getting stained, infected, or injured. They're the ultimate hygiene product for your safety.


Digital Memory Card Case: A waterproof case that holds your memory cards securely and has a notched foam holder. The case can hold up to 12 memory cards of any size and type. The case is sturdy and crushproof. It has a snap closure and a flexible handle for hand or belt carry. The case prevents your memory cards from getting lost, wet, or corrupted. It's the ultimate protection case for your memory cards.


All of our products are designed with the hunter's needs in mind and reflect our CORE VALUES of...


Providing value for the money: We offer high-quality products at affordable prices. We want you to get the most out of your hunting investment.

Securing your equipment: We help you protect your equipment from theft, damage, or loss. We want you to have peace of mind when you hunt.


Offering quality products that last: We use durable materials and reliable mechanisms for our products. We want you to enjoy our products for years to come.


Delivering responsive customer service: We listen to your feedback and suggestions and provide prompt and friendly support. We want you to be satisfied with our products and service.

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