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Guardian hunting began in 2014 with an idea that we could help all hunters in virtually all states secure their tag to their harvest. My hunting buddy and I were sick and tired of having our big game tags fall off our animals. Being problem solvers at heart we knew there had to be another way to approach this problem. We also knew that we were not the only ones to experience this dilemma. As states have gone toward delivering licenses and tags online, the ability of securing a tag to an animal has become tougher. The paper tags have a tendency to fall off or get destroyed. Hence, we created the Tag Guardian. Perhaps one of the simplest ideas we ever developed.

Our friends thought a lot of the idea and asked us to make some for them. We did and then it just took off. Making a long story short we made a good business out of one idea. Knowing that one good idea did not make a viable company we expanded our search for other hunting problems that needed to be solved. Each item is designed to either safeguard another hunting product you already own. We have put extensive time and energy into designing our product line to accomplish our core beliefs

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