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The Guardian MAXX Metal-banded Trail Camera Lock - your ultimate solution for game cam security. This heavy-duty metal locking strap is designed to replace traditional straps--even cable locks--offering superior protection against theft. This MAXX version has two heavy duty, locking, metal security bands. Plus, the block is 2x bigger with two theft-resistant locking screws. 


Guard Your Gear: With the Cam Guardian MAXX, you no longer have to worry about stolen trail cameras. This robust mount provides a 48-inch steel band, allowing you to secure your cameras to trees up to 15 inches in diameter.


Cost-Effective Security: Protect your valuable cameras with this trail camera lock, and save significantly compared to the cost of replacing a stolen camera.


Convenience at Your Fingertips: The Cam Guardian MAXX lock is compatible with all your cameras and comes with a uniquely designed key tool that works on multiple Cam Guardians. The theft-deterent bolt head prevents usage with regular star wrench or other regular tools.


Superior to Python Cable locks: The metal-banded construction of the Cam Guardian MAXX is harder to cut than a Python cable, ensuring your cameras stay put. It’s as easy to use as a Browning Trail Camera Tree Mount, and much more convenient than a traditional trail camera lock box.


Simplify Your System: Say goodbye to broken or frozen keys, and forget about juggling multiple keys and codes for different cameras. Lock up with Cam Guardian MAXX and streamline your trail camera security.


Note: We recommend purchasing extra key tools (here) to avoid any inconvenience in case of misplaced keys.


You Get A Limited Warranty - Guardian Hunting will repair or replace (at our option) the registered product or any part if the registered product is found to be defective due to manufacture defect up to 30 days. Plus, you have the option to purchase a 2-Year ($4) Protection Plan, or a 3-Year ($5) Protection Plan.

Guardian MAXX Metal-Banded Trail Cam Lock - Game Cam Security

  • Guardian Protection Plan 
    Get years of protection for just pennies a day.

    Plan includes:

    • Individual Customer Support
    • Easy Online Claims
    • Fast Repairs or Replacements

     Protect it today. Enjoy it for years.

    Simply add a Guardian Protection Plan to your order and checkout as usual. There is no need to register your plan for it to be active. We'll send plan details to your email address after purchase.


    2-Year plan for just an additional $4.00
    3-Year plan for just an additional $5.00

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