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Save money by getting a 3-PACK of the ORIGINAL Guardian Metal-banded Trail Camera Lock


The Guardian Metal-banded ORIGINAL Trail Camera Lock is your solution for game cam security. This single, heavy-duty, metal locking strap is designed to replace traditional straps--even cable locks--offering great protection against theft.


Guard Your Gear: With the Cam Guardian, you no longer have to worry about stolen trail cameras. This robust mount provides a 48-inch steel band, allowing you to secure your cameras to trees up to 15 inches in diameter.


Cost-Effective Security: Protect your valuable cameras with this trail camera lock, and save significantly compared to the cost of replacing a stolen camera.


Convenience at Your Fingertips: Our original Trail Cam Lock is compatible with all your cameras and comes with a uniquely designed key tool that works on multiple Cam Guardians. The theft-deterent bolt head prevents usage with regular star wrench or other regular tools.


Superior to Python Cable locks: The metal-banded construction of the Cam Guardian is harder to cut than a Python cable, ensuring your cameras stay put. It’s as easy to use as a Browning Trail Camera Tree Mount, and much more convenient than a traditional trail camera lock box.


Simplify Your System: Say goodbye to broken or frozen keys, and forget about juggling multiple keys and codes for different cameras. Lock up with Cam Guardians and streamline your trail camera security.


Note: We recommend purchasing extra key tools (here) to avoid any inconvenience in case of misplaced keys.

Guardian (3-pack) Metal-Banded ORIGINAL Trail Cam Lock - Game Cam Security

$69.97 Regular Price
$65.08Sale Price

Tax discount. (We pay it for you.)

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