3 Pack - Trail Camera Guardians

3 Pack - Trail Camera Guardians


Purchase Multiple Trail Cam Guardians to protect all your trail cameras and save money at the same time!

Our Three Pack comes with three of our industry changing theft deterrent trail camera guardians.

Many trail cameras come with a nylon band to attach them to a tree. The band goes around the tree and has a plastic clip to connect it. This makes these expensive cameras very easy to steal. The Cam-Guardian is a simple yet strong theft deterrent that replaces the nylon strap with a steel band that wraps around the tree and locks into an aluminum block using a security screw. The bit is specific to only Guardian Hunting Products. 
The Cam-Guardian comes with a 48 inch band and the security tool needed to lock the band into the aluminum block. We highly encourage you to buy an extra key, one for your truck and one for your pack.

We highly recommend you buy an additional key so you will have one for your pack and one for your vehicle.

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